Project Description

Float-Eh, Canada


Project Brief:

Float-Eh, a truly Canadian company that designs and sells Canadian themed water floaties, wanted to showcase their new line of products in time for spring break. Only, they lived in Canada and it was winter. So Float-Eh shipped their entire product line to Florida, U.S.A to be photographed in the pool and on the beach. The photo shoot featured their cheeky floats against a new backdrop, so that they can appeal to travellers worldwide. Those images were used to create a stunning social media calendar and seasonal ad campaign.

Wow is all we can say about the photo shoot and social media strategy created by 5Hundreds. Everything they created was on brand and will take our small business to the next level. The $500 price point and quick turnaround time enabled us to implement projects we did not have the expertise or budget to accomplish previously. Thanks 5Hundreds, we are already planning our next project.

-Kate and Daniel Spray, Owners Float-Eh – Canada

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