Project Description

Help Us Help Charity, Ukraine/Canada


Project Brief:

The most inspiring project by far that we have collaborated on is with Help Us Help the Charity for their Summer Camp. Erika traveled to Ukraine to document the experiences of over 300 orphaned children from across Ukraine, who have the chance to attend summer camp in the Carpathian Mountains. Learning real life skills and cultural traditions along the way. The images Erika captured were used for fundraising marketing materials, Help Us Help websites as well as on social media.

Erika and Elizabeth have been huge supporters of Help Us Help the Children Ukraine over the years. From creating marketing materials, to photographing fundraising events. They once donated a shipping container of bicycles to orphanages in Ukraine as part of one of our fundraising efforts. Erika also joined us for Summer Camp in Ukraine where she documented the work of our team of volunteers. She even climbed Mount Hoverla with 150 campers. The work she creates truly captures the emotions and atmosphere of our organization and we still use her photographs for our marketing to this day.

-Ruslana Wrzesnewskyj, President of Help Us Help Charity – Canada & Ukraine

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