Project Description

Namaste North Yoga, Canada


Project Brief:

For this project we worked with the Namaste North Yoga team and Founder Meghan Huehn to help develop their new brand direction, online marketing, as well as created specific ad campaigns made up of their main core values. This included; custom commercial photography of their new apparel line, video and audio clips of inspirational yoga content for social media, copywriting for web and social media content, as well as a complete 3 month social media posting calendar for their team to implement into the future. For the photo shoot, Meghan was photographed casually dressed in her clothing line, in her hometown of Barrie, Ontario.

Everything Erika creates is with purpose and intention.  She took time to really learn my business and get inside my head to see my vision. A vision that I can’t always articulate.  That’s what Erika does, she draws out your ideas, your vision and your business plan and turns it into marketing materials.  Her ability to look at a business and translate that into a photograph, video, and written word is the most wonderfully unexpected part of her process.

-Meghan Huehn, Owner/Founder of Namaste North

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