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Facebook Ads for Retargeting


Having a Retargeting Campaign generally makes a Prospecting Campaign more successful. The more long tail the sale is, the more true this holds. They must be done in two parts (prospecting and retargeting). Campaigns often utilize one or more different ad types. Therefore, company’s who have a product catalog of more than 50 products will use a small variety of different ad types. But the most successful company’s are the ones who marry Prospecting and Retargeting Campaigns. It’s like the cold call and the follow up. One is nearly useless without the other.

  • 1 hour discovery meeting to assess social media marketing and determine end goal.
  • We will set up 1 Retargeting campaign in your Facebook and Instagram ads manager
  • We will develop 1 specific ad campaign designed to retarget customers who have engaged with your product online.
  • Inside your Retargeting ad campaign set we will create 3 ads designed to retarget past visitors of your site or social media channels with 3 unique messages.

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