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Facebook Ads for New Leads


Businesses new to Facebook and Instagram ads management require one simple ad type to start. The Look Alike Audience. The most effective strategy in online advertising, we are going to take a list of your past customers and we are going to upload it into Facebook and then we will use Facebook machine learning to identify potential prospective customers, customers that share many of the same traits as your past or current customer, and we will serve your ad to them.

  • 1 hour discovery meeting to assess social media marketing and determine end goal.
  • We will design and configure a look alike audience to your existing customers in Facebook and Instagram ads manager.
  • Develop an effective strategy to serve them up ads within your budget to produce a positive return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • We will deliver you leads every week, as a report.

Now you have social media ads, check out 5HUNDREDS Social Media Marketing Calendar. A month of scheduled content branded to your business, and created with your customers in mind. 

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