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Getting Published


Getting your work published helps you stand out amongst your competition. It can also open you up to new demographics and target markets you have always wanted to explore. Let us help you open the door to your new demographics, by researching publications that best suit your brand and your business goals.

Let us prepare your portfolio with you therefore, building those connections needed to start the publication submission process.

  • 3 magazine/publication submissions
  • 3 online submissions
  • We will make the introduction for you with the publication and prepare your submissions
  • We research your company and review your work and portfolio to select and prepare the best pieces for publication for your company
  • We work with you to get your work featured in relevant publications that will reach your desired demographic
  • 5 page report on the submissions with image selection, applications, and custom template introduction letter to publishers/editors

Get your best work in the hands of the people who matter. Get 5HUHDREDS Portfolio Design and we will create a stunning display in print or as a digital representation of your best work to date. 

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