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Marketing/Photo Shoot Styling


Photoshoots have the ability to take your event business to the next level and therefore, can be used to build your portfolio and submit to magazines and blogs. Our experienced team has produced countless shoots that have been featured in publications online and in print around the globe.

We will work with you and your team to style a stunning Photo Shoot that showcases your ability as a designer and will ensure brand recognition.

  • 1 hour creative brainstorming to outline initial shoot concepts
  • Photo shoot styling for one of the following: magazine shoot, marketing campaign, holiday sale or the launch of a new or existing product or service
  • We bring together the theme, design, color palette and photography shot list
  • We create the photo shoot schedule and provide direction you use for your photo shoot
  • Professionals vendors can be hired for an additional fee
  • Our team can assist on site for an additional fee

Now that you have the Photo Shoot Styling plan, add on a 5HUNDREDS Photo Shoot to get the images too.

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