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Shopify Automated Email Journey


Your Shopify Automated Emails are an integral part of the customer online shopping experience. These automated email processes are designed to trigger action from newly acquired customers because customers who have browsed your website and filled a shopping cart and customers who have recently purchased from your site need to be taken care from start to finish.

Our Shopify Automated Email Journeys come in many series styles. We customize your preferred email journey with custom copy, ensure design is on brand and specific to the style of sales messages you wish. 

Choose from our suggested Shopify Automated Email Journey series styles: 

Abandoned cart email series

Welcome email series

Email nurture series

New customer series

Repeat customer email series

Re-engagement email series


Your Shopify Automated Email Journey includes;

  • 1 half-hour Discovery Meeting to discuss your your brand and Shopify Automated Email Journey
  • Your choice of up to 3 Shopify Automated Email Journey styles
  • 5 custom written emails for 3 journeys/campaigns (15 emails total-5 per campaign)
  • Your Shopify Automated Email template branded to your company.
  • Your 3 Shopify Automated Email Journeys added into you Shopify Store Purchase Process. 
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